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pkrbest January 19, 2010 06:32

Aerospace Engineering Graduate Study at TU Delft
Dear all,

I have a serious problem.

I wanted to pursue my career in the field of computational fluid dynamics, and I applied to the Aerospace Engineering program at TU Delft.

I am offered a position, however, they have declined me to apply for the only external scholarship I can apply for - HSP Huygen's program. I am very interested to pursue my graduate degree in aerospace engineering. Therefore, if anyone knows how I could manage some funds to study, I would be very grateful.

One of the ways I was considering was that I search for aerospace companies, and apply for funding. If I get such a funding, I would happy work for that company contractually after my master's. Do you know such companies in and around Delft? I would be very happy to receive any contacts.

Thank you for helping out....

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