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A.Maleki January 20, 2010 15:10

water hammer solution by finite volume method
hi, I studied about water hammer modeling by finite volume method, so i wrote a FORTRAN 90 code to this model, where the model include : fifth- order Rung-Kutta time discretization , and Roe(scheme) for convective fluxes terms, now i have problem to compelete my model, so I hope to earn my questions reply here,
my problems:
1- how i apply dual time stepping in this model?
2- convergence of model?
I am glad to solve my problems.

shyamdsundar January 20, 2010 21:46

For sual time stepping, please refer the discussion :

For convergence of the model, I am not sure if you refer to grid convergence of the scheme. If that is the case, you can simulate the same problem in successively refined grids, and compare the order of convergence as

Order = log(e1/e2) / log(h1/h2)

where e is the error, and h is the equivalent 1D grid spacing.

You can refer the website below for grid convergence:

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