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kostikr January 24, 2010 12:54

CAD integrated CFD Software
I am looking to purchase a CFD software to solve Electronics Packaging Problems heat transfer.
Todays market are offering 3 main programs that fit my demands.
I think all the software are mostly the same.
In addition to these, almost every CAD software program has an option to buy integrated CFD program. I am using as CAD software Siemens NX6, NX Nastarn for structural analysis. Now I have an option to buy NX Electronic System Cooling (Maya) module . The big advantage is that the software is fully integrated and can save a lot of time updating and changing the model in CAD and CFD simultaneously.
The problem is that there is no info about this module.
Some questions:
Where can I get some info about this program besides fact sheets? Examples, Videos, Results?
What Software would you suggest for my needs?

RobinB January 25, 2010 06:30

It's not all about the MCAD
There are a number of things that are unique and specific to the needs of electronic cooling CFD simulation, MCAD interfacing/integration is but one. I'd say EDA interfacing can be just as important as can a mesher/solver that's capable of handling massively cluttered models with 1000s of solid/solid and solid/fluid interfaces. If you think you're going to get usefully accurate results for tight margin designs when you're modelling your IC packages as single blocks then you will be disappointed.

Just be careful in what criteria you chose to select your tool, it's not all about the MCAD. Best advice, do a trial.

Robin (FloTHERM product manager)

kostikr January 26, 2010 15:15

All of the Programs I've mentioned has ECAD capability.
I just want to know more about NX Electoronic System Cooling. How this CFD tool is in compare with ICEPAK, FLOTHERM or COOLIT.

kostikr February 4, 2010 15:38

Has someone an advice?

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