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P. Louda March 4, 2004 03:49

AUSM PW+ scheme
Hallo, got anybody working the AUSMPW+ scheme? :

Kyu Hong Kim, Chongam Kim, Oh-Hyun Rho: Methods for the Accurate Computations of Hypersonic Flows I. AUSMPW+ Scheme. Journal of Computational Physics 174, 38*80 (2001)

Except for typing error in formula (24)(ii) it seems reasonable, but doesn't work *at all* for my case. It is transonic flow through turbine cascade, where AUSM (Liou & Steffen) works well from inviscid to turbulent computations, however with some pressure oscilations in the shear layers. That is why I intend to test PW+.

Does anybody have some hints or advice?

Petr Louda

frank March 4, 2004 15:11

Re: AUSM PW+ scheme
The AUSM scheme is well known for its fluctuations. AUSMDV gives better results.

I actually use HLLC from Batten, Leschziner. Good, fast and easy.


louda March 8, 2004 05:57

Thank you. I had an error in code one looks at and doesn't see, unles it is posted e.g. internet-wide...

Now AUSMPW+ removed most oscilations in inviscid case, viscous resolution I have to test yet. The authors claim it should be better than AUSMDV, higher cost of PW+ is evident though.


autofly March 16, 2004 12:06

Re: Solved
in my opinion, AUSMPW+ is not so well running in curvilinear coordinates, unless you do some work on the grid shock aliagned. so it is not so easy to be used. but ausmpw work well without modify your grid.

what i meet is asumpw+ is not robust as AUSMPW, AUSMDV is the same subtle as AUSMPW+. HLLC may be more robust, but it is more dissapitive. do you agree with me.

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