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jak March 4, 2004 10:59

Fuel tank sloshing

I am looking for some references for CFD modelling of fuel tank sloshing - I can't seem to find any online. I'm looking at coupling a fluid code with something like ANSYS to get the fluid-structure interaction. How successful has the modelling been and what are the capabilities of commercial codes.

Thanks in advance.

Jörn Beilke March 4, 2004 11:38

Re: Fuel tank sloshing

Jim Park March 4, 2004 15:41

Re: Fuel tank sloshing

"NASA-VOF3D: A Three-Dimensional Computer Program for Incompressible Flows with Free Surfaces". Report LA11009-MS, issued July, 1987. Authors are Martin D. Torrey, Raymond C. Mjolsness, and Leland R. Stein.

Torrey is probably still at Los Alamos, where this work was done. Try

For a modern commercial encapsulation of a similar computing philosophy, look at

Jörn Beilke March 4, 2004 16:57

Re: Fuel tank sloshing
Does these codes also provide the capability for fluid-structure-interaction as it was described in the second link?

Jim Park March 4, 2004 22:22

Re: Fuel tank sloshing
The NASA code surely does NOT.

Can't be sure about flow-3d, but probably not.

Sorry, I missed the fluid-structure part of the specification.

Amita March 5, 2004 08:23

Re: Fuel tank sloshing

If you are interested by fluid-structure interactions, you could have a look at the website. I could also send you some examples of sloshing in fuel tanks for aerospace applications done with fluidyn-FSI.


Michael March 8, 2004 00:38

Re: Fuel tank sloshing
CFD-ACE does VOF and can do fluid-structure interaction

cfd student March 8, 2004 13:22

Re: Fuel tank sloshing
This one is not a coupled Free-surface & FSI code, but it has combined free-surface with a multibody dynamics solver to study sloshing of liquid inside a moving tanker:

M-AAY March 10, 2004 07:00

Re: Fuel tank sloshing
Hi everyone,,,

Since the discussion is about sloshing, I would like to ask if anyone know How to model sloshing of fluid in moving tanker in CFX to simulate it.

Thanks to All. regards

Bob March 14, 2004 08:54

Re: Fuel tank sloshing
Jak, speak to the gys at CFX as they are now part of Ansys and they will be able to advise you on the fluid structural coupling that can be implamented between CFX and Ansys (this has already been done). Interesting problem, probably involving a moving and deforming mesh on a 2 phase VOF simulation! Bob

cfd student March 28, 2004 21:30

Re: Fuel tank sloshing
This one is quite interesting:

binu March 21, 2010 23:18

can u help me
hi amita,
i am doing my minor project on effect of harmonic loading on tank filled with water
i tryed on ansys but not succeed . is fluiddyn-fsi will do this can you please send the steps and the solved file please
binukumar100 at

Mike Romeo February 23, 2014 08:48


I want to solve Fuel Tank Sloshing with fluent tutorial, but when I follow tutorial steps, at the end, after run calculation, "fluid doesn't move!" would you help me?
I think I should write zone motion UDF, isn't it ? Do I need ON dynamic mesh ?

Sincerely Yours

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