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John S March 8, 2004 21:29

the numerical scheme for LES.

some schemes are used to solve LES equations. such as full-explicit MacMarco scheme, 2-order upwind scheme, high-order upwind scheme, certain centered schemes. which is better for les? upwind scheme is dissipated. can i used 2-order upwind TVD scheme to solve les equations? should anybody tell me some referrence about supersonic circle cylinder. thx

versi March 11, 2004 23:23

Re: the numerical scheme for LES.
for supersonic flow past cylinder, bow shock will need robust scheme like TVD. But TVD is not good for LES due to its large dissipation and degeneration to 1st order at extrema. I guess your case may be treated fortunately by combination of shock-fitting + higher order finite difference scheme. But for more general cases, ENO, WENO, compact scheme, are more plausible choices, though they produce numerical osciilation at bow shock ,which may affect the flow transition, yet most domain is well resolved..

Bin Li March 14, 2004 08:52

Re: the numerical scheme for LES.
I just use second order upwind TVD scheme to compute les equations.should i regard this as MILES?

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