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just-looking February 12, 2010 16:40

Churning loss in dip-lubricated gears?
The gears are rotating in a crankcase with some partially submerged in a lubricating oil pool. The rotation is fast enough causing oil waving and splash around in the case. I would like to start with calculating with the oil pressure and wall shear resistance forces on the gears and in turn extract the torque values on the gears.

1. What is the latest state of art of CFD simulation in this field?
2. If the interactions and the deformations of the gears are ignored, how much can I gain if I just use the "immersed solid" such as in CFX with two phase and free surface (or some other similar method in other CFD codes) without having to go through a full FSI?:confused:
3. Which commercial CFD code is most suitable for this?
4. Any one willing to share experience and shed some light on this topic?

Thanks in advance,


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