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mounir April 15, 1999 05:06

I order to introduce my own chemical model , i have written a new subroutine (usrrat.f) in fortran using absoft fortran software. The linker also uses Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

I have followed the instructions for fluent 4.5 User defined subroutines (patform intel, windws NT) and i have created my own work area which contains : nmake and and the user subroutines in a directory (fluent subrountines that i copied from fluent_inc directory + my modified subroutine USSRAT.f)

I have used nmake (which i have copied to my user directory) to compile and generate a new executable (fl451.exe). However, when i try to open this executable, i have this message :

the instruction at `0*00bfc309` referenced at memory ``0*00000000``. the memory could not be read.

click on ok to termine the application

click on concel to debug the application

may be someone can help me!! thank you a lot. mounir

Nuray Kayakol April 22, 1999 02:04

Hi, I use Msdeveloper fortran compiler in Windows NT. I installed Microsoft Visual C++. I run one of my program. Then, I saw the similiar message like you. I couldn't find the reason. At the end, I reinstalled Windows NT,but not C++. Good luck

Nuray kayakol

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