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boris March 12, 2004 03:00

ICEM CFD License
We consider purchasing ICEM CFD Hex to replace Gambit for some complicated cases. The vendor advises us to purchase ICEM CFD Basic, which functions as the platform for the Hex module. Is that so? The price ICEM CFD Basic is comparable to the Hex module, which is beyond our budget.

Those who are the users of ICEM CFD please advise.

Thank you.

deLuther March 12, 2004 06:29

Re: ICEM CFD License
Maybe ICEM CFD BASIC means ICEM CFD MED (mesh editor) if this true then you cannot work without this module, because it is framework for meshers.

F.K. March 12, 2004 12:37

Re: ICEM CFD License
No there isn't a modul called "ICEM CFD BASIC". ICEMCFD consist of ICEM MED (the starting modul) in which ICEM TETRA,HEXA, PRISM or ICEM DDN , and the geometrie direct interfaces can be started. What you need is ICEM MED including the import filter with ICEM HEXA and maybe also ICEM DDN (not so bad for changing and repairing geometries(much better than the med modul))

deLuther March 15, 2004 01:16

Re: ICEM CFD License
Yes, ICEM Basic not exists as module, but I think that means ICEM MED. We also bought ICEM and configuration was: ICEM Basic, ICEM Tetra and ICEM Hexa.(Of course that mean ICEM MED and geometry import modules).

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