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Arnab March 13, 2004 20:03

Need Previous work/Literature/Papers/Articles

I need some literature/papers/articles for Turbulence in closed walls/spaces and I know u guys can help me out and some of you might have literature for it.

So in generally I need literature/papers/articles for

Turbulence Flow in closed spaces

Turbulence Flow in Open spaces

Turbulence Flow around a Wall

So if you have it then pass on to me asap.. I guess you guys know my email id.


Sci March 16, 2004 02:12

Re: Need Previous work/Literature/Papers/Articles
Study generalized mathematics of turbulence instead of studying on specific/restricted zones/cases. In turbulence, if you neglect even a small parameter/quantity, your whole turbulence study may give you a totally wrong results (remember chaos butterfly theory.)

Tom March 17, 2004 05:57

Re: Need Previous work/Literature/Papers/Articles
Actually there is no accepted "generalized mathematics" of turbulence only conjectures and oversimplifications. I you don't believe this try giving an exact rigourous mathematical definition on what turbulence is! You also need to remember that chaos is not turbulence.

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