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moomba February 25, 2010 16:38

Help for constructing an Unstructured Incompressible solver

I am trying to construct an unstructured solver for incompressible flow. :)

I have already construct a structured solver in cell vertex for low mach number flows, so I already know the differents equations and how to organise a solver. :cool:

However, I do not know what type of derivative I should use (I was using simple Finite Difference 4 for my previous solver) and how I should organise the data in an unstructured solver. (I only have simple arrays like (U(1:n1,1:n2,1:2), T(1:n1,1:n2), etc and the mesh XP(1:nmax,1:2) for space positions of points for my structured solver)

Could someone redirect me to a specific book or to a specific web site where I could learn how to use unstructured mesh and how to implement unstructured derivative, unstrucured poisson solver, and unstructured boundary conditions ? :)

With my best regards.


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