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CFD Rookie March 19, 2004 11:42

The size of the computational domain
Hello everyone,

I have a quick question here. I am trying to model a full size airplane (half an airplane: cut along the X-Z plane). What is the probable size of my overall computational domain. Should I use the airplane overall fuselage length as my reference or the wing geometric chord (c_bar) as my reference length or something else? In terms of upstream, downstream, lateral side, upper and lower boundary, how far is far enough?

Thanks in advance.

Jarmo Monttinen March 19, 2004 12:36

Re: The size of the computational domain
What is your Reynolds number etc? I don't have the fuselage in my computations so I've use the wing max chord and the wing span. Upstream, upper and lower about 5*chord, downstream about 10*chord, the side depends more on the Re, the wing span, etc... I have used about 3*span but have a LAR wing so for a higher AR wing that would be an overkill. I started with a slightly smaller domain and increased to these, further increase did not change the results.

I hope this helps.

-- Jarmo

versi March 21, 2004 10:23

Re: The size of the computational domain
Supersonic -> upstream BC can be nearer. Subsonic -> upstream 1-2 full plane length Lateral: based on win-span. Anyway, there are lot Refs. for you.

pradyuman August 22, 2016 04:12

Size of computational domain
How to calculate the size of computational domain in case of flow past bluff bodies?

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