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labarba March 2, 2010 16:53

CFD course available free on iTunes U
Hi all,

I'm currently teaching an introductory CFD course at Boston University, and the course is freely available to anyone on iTunes U.

The video lectures consist of screencasts --- video recordings of the computer screen used during live lectures.

Here is the link (it will open iTunes, if you have it installed on your machine)


cfdnewbie April 5, 2010 15:02

Hi Prof. Barba,
awesome podcast, very interesting lecture, great for beginners. Great fun to "program along" with your class. Please keep more great (advanced) lectures coming, especially on the more theoretical side of CFD! I can't wait to hear your explanations on things like FEM/spectral methods and such.

All thumbs up!

labarba April 5, 2010 15:14

Hi newbie,

I'm glad to hear that the lectures on iTunes U are useful to you, and especially that you are programming along. It's the only way to really learn CFD! Even if you later end up using a commercial or open source ready-to-use CFD package, having a even a small amount of programming experience will help you be a smarter user.

My students are doing all their programming assignments using Python, with the numerical libraries (Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib). This has kept the "frustration level" low and increased the productivity and understanding.

Thanks for your comments!

L Barba

cfdnewbie April 5, 2010 16:01

Dear Prof. Barba,

yes, thank you for pointing you listeners/viewers to Python. I've found it to be quite intuitive, useful and easy to pick up. Regarding your course, please allow me to ask you 2 questions:

a) Would it be possible to post some of your students presentations on your website? I listened to your talk about the 20 slides, 20 seconds method today and found it quite intriguing, as it deviates from the presentation style I'm used to (fewer slides, 1-2 minutes per slide). Also it would be a good way for your Itunes-viewers to check their results

b) How much more material will you cover? I realize that this is only an introductory class, but I was secretly hoping that you might consider recording advanced classes/topics as well.

Thank you again for this great video series! I hope you'll get a lot of positive feedback!

Greetings from Europe,

iamed18 June 7, 2012 16:05

Prof. Barba,

I just found these and they're excellent! I had been trying to wrap my head around the finite volume method for about a week and these lectures were entirely enlightening!


labarba June 7, 2012 17:42

I'm glad the material has been useful to you. There is now also a You Tube playlist, with edited versions of these lectures.

Lorena Barba

Mechanical Engineering, Boston University

CFDsurfer June 8, 2012 20:06

Thanks so much Lorena, i need to learn CFD theory, and this information is so important for me in order to improve my knowledge

thank you again

shirazbj June 9, 2012 22:24

cool. I'd like to learn a little python coding for CFD.

iamed18 June 11, 2012 09:01


Originally Posted by labarba (Post 365342)
I'm glad the material has been useful to you. There is now also a You Tube playlist, with edited versions of these lectures.

Excellent! Now it's just a shame that YouTube is blocked at work!

Edu-R June 12, 2012 06:56

Very nice videos!


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