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Jade M March 8, 2010 17:14

"Full" buoyancy model in CFX
ANSYS CFX distinguishes between a "full" buoyancy model as opposed to a Boussinesq buoyancy model for turbulence. What is meant by a "full" buoyancy model?

Is this something intrinsic to CFX or is this a fundamental question related to turbulence modelling?

Thanks so much for any information!

marupio March 16, 2010 22:59

Full buoyancy uses the density variations in the fluid to calculate buoyancy force. Boussinesq is for incompressible fluids - "pseudo" buoyancy. It approximates the density variations with a correlation to the temperature variation.

Jade M March 18, 2010 13:08

"Full" Buoyancy
Thanks! I see. So then is "full" buoyancy equivalant to a compressible flow model? It seems that there are some differences between the two?

Thank you very much for any further information!

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