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gummy March 14, 2010 16:19

error loading mesh
I created a micro channel mesh in gambit in 2d, however when o open it in fluent i recieve a wrong dimension error so i reopened it in 3d and this is the code i am recieving
Reading "C:\Users\Joey\Desktop\gambit pillars\bend20.msh"...
15401 nodes.
10000 mixed wall faces, zone 2.
2500 mixed pressure-inlet faces, zone 3.
2500 mixed pressure-outlet faces, zone 4.
Error: no cells in zone, id = 0, ind1 = 1, indn = 0Reading Cells: failed while reading section 12.
Clearing partially read grid.
Error: Read aborted due to critical error.
Error Object: ()
Error: Error reading "C:\Users\Joey\Desktop\gambit pillars\bend20.msh".
Error Object: #f

Any ideas?


mega byte October 13, 2011 10:56

you may increase the mesh
this was a solution for the same problem with me

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