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Dan SW FL March 21, 2010 16:27

Duct air flow modeling

Is it relatively easy to establish a mesh of two intersecting ducts (LARGE ALUMINUM Tubes, if you will) ?

Who performs CFD analysis for air flow in a duct as a regular part of their work?

I have an unique application with a duct within a duct and 90 degree, mitered elbows.

The usual way to determine network flow is to establish the flow resistance characteristic ( K value ) for each component.

sanketpathak July 6, 2010 02:07

Re: Duct air flow modeling
Hello Mr. Racine,

We are the experts in carrying out CFD Analysis of Duct, ESP, Boiler etc.
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jbritton July 6, 2010 04:57

This is a pretty basic analysis to be carried out from the sounds of it, meshing wouldn't take too long, Im sure if you post more details people here will be able to recommend some tutorials or literature to get you through the problem.

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