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Daniel Vahidi July 26, 1998 20:17

Supersonic fluid flow patern in a dip
I'm searching for some paper(s) posted on the web specifically about Supersonic Fluid Flow in Cavities/Dips which include(s) some pictures about the phenomenon. I haven't found any URL address so far. If have any idea about that, please inform me. Thank you.

John C. Chien July 28, 1998 18:47

Re: Supersonic fluid flow patern in a dip
The formal subject name maybe :" Supersonic Flow over a Cavity ". The flow inside the cavity normally is subsonic. If this is the case. Then try the AIAA Journal. Supersonic flow over a cavity is usually un-steady, which is created by the shear layer/ supersonic flow interaction. A shot in this case does not give you the whole picture. (If this is not the case, I would like to know how you create supersonic flow in a cavity.)

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