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Goicox April 11, 2004 12:00

Intel Fortran (ifort 8) and MPICH
I would like to know if somebody have used the MPICH implementation with the Intel's Fortran 90 compiler for Linux or the Lahey's Fortran 90 for Windows.

I have a problem using both compilers under a Fortran 90 source code. The compiler does not recognize the mpi module or library.

Thanks in advance.

noName April 11, 2004 15:35

Re: Intel Fortran (ifort 8) and MPICH
You probably want to test the MPICH installation by compiling its test programs and running them with different "-np *". If this works, you can then start thinking of using MPI in your own code.

Goicox April 11, 2004 20:54

Re: Intel Fortran (ifort 8) and MPICH
Thank you for the answer.

The first thing I tried, was to compile the examples that come with MPICH.

But the fortran 90 ones fail to compile with the cited compilers.


Linfeng April 13, 2004 04:42

Re: Intel Fortran (ifort 8) and MPICH
Before you install the MPICH, you may have to set some environments first. Such as:

setenv FC f90

setenv F90 f90


good luck!

Zeng April 28, 2004 00:59

Re: Intel Fortran (ifort 8) and MPICH
There is NO problem for Intel Compiler 8.0 + MPICH + Linux. I have tried it.

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