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TerryPrice March 28, 2010 10:08

Introduction to CFD

I'm currently doing my undergrad in Nuclear Engineering, and I'm considering specializing in CFD. Can anyone recommend me a good introduction to CFD, perhaps something that touches on two phase flow?

prasanthnitt March 29, 2010 13:07


Introduction to CFD will not include 2 phase flow.
If u are seriously considering to start of with CFD I would suggest you to begin with CFD by anderson or Intro to cfd by Versteeg & Malashekara.

Personally I would suggest u start with Anderson.



varunjain89 March 30, 2010 06:38

hello... i'm a beginner too, and i started with the book by anderson only....
it's too good, and i would recommend the same.

@ Prasanth, can u please suggest me some book for shock wave boundary layer conditions. actually i'm solving supersonic flow over flat plate using B-L equations, and dunno how to take boundary conditions, @ the edge of boundary layer...

thanks a lot.

prasanthnitt March 30, 2010 07:48

@ Varun

I think for supesonic flow over a flat plate, B-L equations cannot be used. I guess u have to use parabolized NS eqs, which does not follow the assumption made for BL eqs.
Moreover, this problem is explained in detail in Anderson. Refer chapter no 10.


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