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jenn April 22, 2004 20:47

book & CFD code

Anyone recommend a book with a CD containing useful CFD codes?



Apurva April 22, 2004 23:45

Re: book & CFD code
Computational Fluid Dynamics : Principles and Application,

by J. Blazek

Mukkarum April 23, 2004 01:17

Re: book & CFD code
May you please tell me that codes available in CD are in C language or in FORTRAN? If any book with c language code is available please inform me. Thanks

BAK_FLOW April 25, 2004 20:35

Re: book & CFD code

I would strongly recommend "Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics" by Ferziger and Peric.

This text and the associated downloads consist of a series of excellent Fortran codes that build up from simple problems (1-D advection diffusing, steady, transient, iterative solvers, 2-D advection diffusion, etc) to a non-orthogonal collocated 2-D Navier Stokes code. The coding is very consistient with the text so it is readable and understandable. See the books section of this site for more information.



zxaar April 27, 2004 05:56

Re: book & CFD code
i agree with you BAK_ the book by peric is very good, i really could learn a lot from that.

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