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chinthakindi April 23, 2004 04:51

drawing of contour plots
Dear friends,

I need help in drawing contour plots. I have DNS data of diffussion flame for cylindrical grids(512*512*512), i want make this grid course(similar to LES grid (128*128*128)) , within this course grid cell, i have DNS data of mixture fraction variance, i want to draw the 3D contout plots within this course grid cell, may i know how to draw 3d contour plots, first of all is it possible to draw the contour plots for the cylindrical cell or not, still now in the literature all r drawing 2d plots for rectangular cell. if it is possible, please let me know this how to draw in Tecplot. thankyou for ur attention.

zxaar April 27, 2004 04:33

Re: drawing of contour plots
one thing to be tried imagine you have data like this in data.dat

[X Y Value ] for i = 1 to n. on gnuplot (in linux or if installed on windows) the command will be

splot data.dat

(on gnuplot command prompt)

you can check further help on gnuplot by typing help (that how to add labels etc)

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