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CFD-beginner April 4, 2010 23:04

max rotational velocity of VAWT by CFD
Hi all!!!

I am a beginner in CFD and wind turbine design,

I am analyzing the performances of Vertical axis wind turbine, the objective is to obtain the maximum rotational velocity that can be reached by a turbine for a given wind velocity.

I started by conducting transient simulation using CFdesign,
I am thinking to do transient simulation from t=0 (static condition) until it reaches maximum rotational velocity, but I found that it is much costly since I dont have high computational tools/computer.

Then I am thinking to give initial/guessed rotational velocity,
but the problem is how can I approximate/obtain the initial velocity so that the value is reasonable/closed to the maximum rotational velocity.

Is there's anyone who had similar problem with me or any other suggested methods/softwares for this problem?

any advice or suggestion so much appreciated,

best regards

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