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AriBo April 9, 2010 02:17

y+ for compression corner
Hi all,
I am simulating a 40 degree compression corner at Re=10x10^6 and Mach=6.7. I use a Reynolds stress model and no wall functions.
The initial wall resolution was 1x10^-6. I noticed that the y+ was approx 7 in the reattachment region so I decreased the wall resolution. To get a y+=1 I need a wall resolution of 1x10^-8. Increasing the wall resolution has an influence on the peak heating at reattachement (heat fluxes).
I use the simulation for comparison with experimental results. I think that such a wall resolution is smaller than the scratches on the model's surface I used in the experiment.
I wonder whether it make sense to have such small grid spacing at wall and if the results I get are physically meaningful.

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