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mfiandor April 11, 2010 07:47

Wind simulation on buildings
Hi all,

Im studying a master in renewable energies, and im writing my project about the small wind or urban wind, or however you have heard its name.

Regarding that, im thinking about introducing the study of the wind simulation around the building to find out the best spot to place the small mill.

So, if we take 2 standard problems, a) a standard house and b) a standard building. I dont know much about their standard sizes, just how they look like. I havent studied architecture :-(
But i think you can imagine what problem im talking about.

Then, id like to know what kind of problems im talking about in terms of complexity. We could take standard pressure of air, lets say 25C of temperature. Dont know about viscous or unviscous. But may main question goes about the complexity of the computation, number of cells, estimated time with standard equipment.

I take out of the problem the surroundings, this goes in another study.

An extra question, do you know where i can find in the web buildings files already in CAD or the appropiate format, that i could run in FLUENT or OpenFOAM??

Thank you very much in advance,


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