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Marko April 29, 2004 13:05

wich program for internal flow / diffusor and ...
I must choose a program for a firm who produced papermachines. They would optimize some things like diffusor and Headbox.

I want use the sst model. All the "big three" known this model. But for the optimization the calculation must be fast and exact. Important are good secondary flows and boundry layer.

What in your opinion is the best program for these things. Had someone a benchmark wich can help me?

sorry for my bad englisch.

Jim_Park April 29, 2004 17:41

Re: wich program for internal flow / diffusor and
I think you've really been handed a tough problem!

The most comprehensive work in this area that I know about is by

Process Simulations Ltd. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6T1Z3

The individual you need to speak with is

Dr. Martha Salcudean e-mail

She is also Professor Emerita in Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. The phone number I have is 604-822-2732.

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