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doctor evil April 14, 2010 01:18

About using transient method to solve steady problems
As we know, to solve a steady problem, we can still keep the transient item and consider it as a transient problem, when time--> infinity the result will be steady, it's one way to solve the steady problems.
what i wanna discuss is: how about the advantages/disadvantages of this method? one thing is that the coding maybe easier, any other profit?

ganesh April 14, 2010 23:46

Dear Doctorevil,

For compressible flows, starting with a time dependent problem and marching to steady state provides the user with a hyperbolic system independent of the mach number, making it possible to use and exploit several of the niceties of hyperbolic systems, such as upwinding. If the steady state problem were to be solved, then it would show different behaviour at different Mach numbers and the steady state solver would have to respect and respond to this, which is a cumbersome issue esp. in practical aerodynamic problems that involve transonic and supersonic flows.



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