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HaKu April 14, 2010 17:55

grid on a circle

may be my question will confuse evrybody but i wil try to put the issue in words..

i need to make a grid around the circle... there are different grids like O, C or H type.
the generation of O grids is easy but what i want is that on the boundaries the grid boxes should be square (means the intersecting lines should be at 90 degrees)... for this requirement i cant use O grid and neither C or H... C grid will have the same problem as O grid on the top and lower boundaries and H grid cant be applied as it is circle and surafce is curved..

I am thinking to make mesh in two steps.. around the circle O grid and then all around try to make a border of rectangle in which the grids would be at right angles..

any other suggestions...

ztdep April 14, 2010 22:24

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Dear freinds:
Do you mean the cartesian grid system.

HaKu April 15, 2010 03:10

yes exactly.. this is the kind of grid i want ?? any ideas how to make it in fortran.. would like to know the procedure to do it..


ztdep April 15, 2010 06:26

dear friends.
this kind of grid can be generated base on the quadra tree data structure in fortran.
i have study this problem for 2 years. according to my experience, there are no free code in the web. tried to find some paper for reference.

HaKu April 15, 2010 11:56

thanks for info; any paid codes on web in fortran for this problem??

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