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Li Yang May 12, 2004 08:10

LES on two phase flow
Hello everyone,

When I use "LES and two phase" to search, I could not find many papers. However, when I use "LES and combustion" to search, I can find hundreds papers. I can see LES on combustion work get published every month.

I am wondering if the turbulent effect is not so important in two phase flow or LES on two phase flow is too complicate ? It doesn't seem very active in this area at the moment.

For attached flow or flow with small separation, RANS simulation is probably accurate enough for engineering application. Only when there are large separations or large re-circulations or flows like jets, LES becomes important as RANS can not simulate them very well. Do you think this is the reason that not many LES work on two phase flow have been done ?

Thanks for your reply in advance.


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