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Lam May 25, 2004 12:57

Programming in CFD
Does anybody know the references regarding the object-oriented programming in CFD especially programming with C++ and Java?

Hrvoje Jasak May 25, 2004 13:22

Re: Programming in CFD

Weller, H.G.; Tabor G.; Jasak, H. and Fureby, C.: Tensorial Approach to CFD using Object Orientated Techniques, Computers in Physics, 1998 v 12 n 6, pp 620-631

Praveen May 25, 2004 13:53

Re: Programming in CFD
Not specifically related to C++ but more generally, see

Scientific and Engineering C++, by Barton and Nackman

G. Buzzi-Ferrari: Scientific C++ (Addison-Wesley 1993)

Leo May 26, 2004 02:40

Re: Programming in CFD
Numerical Recipes iN C++.

Jonas Holdeman May 26, 2004 09:10

Re: Programming in CFD
Another source is the Diffpack package, described as "a set of libraries." It was originally developed in a university environment with a publicly distributed version, but the current version is proprietary and distributed by a company called Numerical Objects. Information can be found at On request they will send you a CD with documentation and a lot of code for free. There are examples of application to some CFD problems. They will send you a key, valid for a month or so, which allows you to develop and use their libraries for your application. The key can be renewed, or you can buy a license. There is also a text "Computational Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Methods and Diffpack Programming," by H. P. Langtangen.

But the important thing for your purposes is that there is source code you can study and adapt for your own purposes. The catch is that the source for the numerical solvers is not included, but you can piece that together yourself.

luiz May 26, 2004 11:25

Re: Programming in CFD
I am using FOAM from and I am enjoying it very much. It is C++, open source.

Leo May 27, 2004 01:00

Re: Programming in CFD
I do not see a download link on their website. How did you get the routines?

Hmmz May 27, 2004 05:12

Re: Programming in CFD

It is only free for academic use. Send them a request.

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