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Muhammad zubair May 29, 2004 13:02

shock capturing
i am reading CFD by john D.anderson(chapter 10).in flow chart discussed in this chapter, i want to solve euler equations instead of complete navier stokes it can be done.what changes i have to made in computational domain and flow properties. can still shock capturing be thanking in advance Muhammad zubair

cjtune May 30, 2004 07:24

Re: shock capturing
I think you should go through the example where the MacCormack scheme was set-up to simulate shock in a quasi 1-D laval nozzle (Chapter 7 was it?). As long as you are using the conservative form of the equations, shocks will be naturally 'captured' along with the rest of the solution.

jyothish May 31, 2004 01:28

shock capturing
Dear asif,

Regarding ur problem in solving euler equations, you have to change the boundary conditions from no slip to slip conditions (i.e) V.n = 0. (normal component of velocity is zero.)


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