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mohsenfjs May 15, 2010 11:51

AVL fire Exhaust manifold Simulation
hello every body

I have been using AVL fire as my CFD tool for some years now and I have done some simulations with it. right now I'm trying to simulate the exhaust flow through a Diesel engine manifold for some Heat transfer calculations and since the engine is turbo charged the mass flow is a bit high and the flow is around mach 0.3.

my problem is that i can't get a converged solution and i should say that i'm doing a transient simulation over an exhaust stroke. I use AVL boost mass flow and temperature results as boundary conditions on inlet and my outlet is simply a static pressure with a non fixed temperature boundary. walls are just fixed temperature and the mesh quality i think is pretty problem is that all my simulation diverge after some some time steps which each of them is like 1 Crank angle as the engine is at 2500 rpm.
I would really appreciate if any one could help me on this case and would love to have discussions on IC engine oriented simulation with AVL fire.

Thanks guys

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