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mtncork May 19, 2010 03:20

CFD Project Durations - statistics - estimates ??
Are there sources (online) that give collected duration statistics for CFD projects? I'm looking for any empirical data related to how long it takes to create a CFD model for a given device/situation. Ballpark figures are all I'm hoping for.

In lieu of that, I'd appreciate any individual contributions of project duration data especially regarding the initial, model construction.

Thanks for your attention ...

PS - any pointers to techniques for estimating such endeavors would be most appreciated !

julien.decharentenay May 21, 2010 03:08


Before replying, let me ask you why do you need such information?

In my area, a typical CFD project would include about 5 to 10 models (slightly different characteristics). I would estimate the ballpark to 2 - 3 weeks - but small projects can take a lot less and large projects a lot more...

The best way to evaluate the time required is to divide the task in small quantifiable bit size (gathering information, geometry, meshing, setup, analysis, post-processing, report). And experience...

Good luck.

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