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James May 20, 2010 20:42

Was NASA-VOF2D code written in Fortran 77?
What is the language of NASA-VOF2D/3D? I am confused with some syntax in the code, like "*COMDECK, COMMON 1". Is this Fortran 77? Thanks!


otd May 22, 2010 18:11

I guess you're looking at p. 86 of the Los Alamos report 10612-MS, the documentation for NASA-VOF2D.

The statement
starts the fortran for a group of common blocks to be used throughout the code. The utility of typing the common block specifications only once should be obvious.

Look at page 90, for example. The statement
inserts lines defining the common blocks into SUBROUTINE ASET before the program is presented to the compiler. The *CALL ..." line should appear in every subroutine where the common variables are needed.

So this is a feature of the programming editor - perhaps not a part of a programming language?

The coding itself is - once the commons are in place - pretty much Fortran 77. There will likely be some system routines, such as timers and graphics instructions, specific to Los Alamos computers.

Good luck!

James May 24, 2010 00:42

Thank you for your explanation!


Rami May 24, 2010 04:15

These *COMDECK and *CALL looks like directives of an ancient source code maintenance package called UPDATE of CDC (see how old I am?). I did some archeologic digging, and found a manual:
On the practical side - I am not familiar with NASA-VOF2D, but it seems the former suggestions you got are correct.

shipgod63 August 30, 2010 10:23

nasa vof
Dear Freinds
I have nasa vof 2d-3d code and document but i can not run them. I think that I must run them in ancient version of fortran, am I right?
whould you please help me? Can you send me corrected source codes?:confused:

Best regards,

Amiragha72 August 31, 2010 22:23

Hi James
Hi Abbas
can i have a copy of code?
my email
thank you

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