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chinthakindi June 4, 2004 15:38

very confussing probelm with fortran
Hi Friends,

I have one programme which is in Fortran. it is for postprocessing of Jet, it is having bunch of commnon blocks(arrays) which r very huge in size. I am reading the data in to seven arrays each of its size is approximately 66*98*616 first my programme was running, second time i tryed run the same programme without changing any thing, it is giving segmentation fault and fort.30 file. i reduced the array sizes, again this programme is running. I am very confussing why it is behaving like this, first time ,why this programme was running for big size arrays, why not in second time.. please help me..

matej June 5, 2004 03:09

Re: very confussing probelm with fortran

The problem is realy confusing from the first look. On the other hand, it behaves typically as any other code, which has got some variables not properly declared and inicialized.

Look at the start of the source code and pray not to see a line: 'implicit *', where * is real or double precsision. If so, remove the line and declare all variables. triple check with compiler and ftkcheck tool (google it and install). try again. tell the compiler to check array boundaries, print warnings, use debugger.


agg June 5, 2004 14:45

Re: very confussing probelm with fortran
Also try compiling with the 64 bit option.

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