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BW Malcolm June 7, 2004 15:13

Floworks & Aero

I have been "playing" with doing some aircraft modeling using Floworks 2003. I find it extremely easy to use & have run a few simple models such as 2D flow past a cyl, etc. The flow fields look surprisingly close to expected & the force answers are at least in the ball park of experimental data.

However, when I try running either a 2D or 3D wing section, the forces (especially lift) do not seem to be even close.

The most obvious suspected problem is user error in interpreting the input or output, but if that is the case, this user is stumped. Has anyone done a good wing validation model with Floworks they would be willing to share?

Or recommendations from the group on the suitability of Floworks or recommendation of other CFD packages for aero analysis? I am not looking for "exact" solutions - just ones that can provide good first order solutions for comparing configurations.


Jarmo Monttinen June 7, 2004 15:44

Re: Floworks & Aero
I don't know anything about Floworks..

What do you mean that you are in the ball park of experimental values for cylinder? At what RE?

For wings and airfoils: what is your Reynolds number, angle of attack and so on? Do you get zero lift for a symmetric shape at AOA = 0?

-- Jarmo

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