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nitesurfer June 9, 2004 16:21

CFD in canada?
I'm a chemical engineer who had worked in CFD for the PhD. I'm looking for a postdoc position in canada in which I could sharpen my skills in CFD. I'm interested in reactor modeling, porous media and combustion. I will have a scholarship from my country so I expect to be accepted by almost any university or research center. My question is; can somebody give me information or hints about the best place to go ( also the best professor). I'm searching mostly in canada.



Jim_Park June 9, 2004 17:59

Re: CFD in canada?
Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (IMHO). Located there is the University of British Columbia. At UBC, Professor Martha Salcudean is Professor Emerita in Mechanical Engineering and holds the Weyerhaeuser Industrial Research Chair in Computational Fluid Dynamics. She has been heavily involved in modeling for the forest products industry, with an emphasis on paper production.

CFDnewbie June 10, 2004 15:53

Re: CFD in canada?
thanks a lot I will try to contact her


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