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amol palekar June 10, 2004 20:54

CFD JOBS for non citizens in USA
HI, How are job opportunities for non citizens in USA and what typical expected from a grad student. thanks

Jerry June 11, 2004 13:09

Re: CFD JOBS for non citizens in USA
Very bad I think. I am looking for job now. For industry, usually it is impossible. For academic, you can apply for Ph.D. or postdoc

But if you have very good networking and very strong references, the chance to got a job is big.

steve June 11, 2004 13:10

Re: CFD JOBS for non citizens in USA
Between outsourcing to other countries, the economy in general and lingering effects from 9/11, jobs for non-citizens are quite a bit harder to come by then a few years ago, but not non-existent. The number of H1 visas alloted has shrunk from what used to be available and you can't even think of working in any field requiring a security clearance. However, there is always a place somewhere for people who are exceptionally talented.

Grad students are expected to work hard, learn quickly and have the ability to communicate with fellow employees in English.

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