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DaIN June 7, 2010 12:54

mesh converter in KIVA 4
Hi guys,

I'm a kiva 4 user and i'm getting some problems with the mesh converter supplied with KIVA 4 package.
The problem I got is related to an odd behavior once I create the mesh using k3prep and try to convert the file itape17 into kiva4grid.
When I do that, I'm always able to get the mesh but sometimes that mesh doesn't work at all.
I mean you can use that mesh, you can run the code in it, but when you try to visualize the outcomes in Tecplot, the file can't be loaded.

The test i was doing to check this out was based on using the original mesh (itape 17) in KIVA 3 and and the converted one in KIVA 4.
What I got was that the original mesh works, but the converted one doesn't, weird right?

has anyone had the same problem? would i need to check out anything before converting the mesh?

thanks in advance

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