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Leo June 13, 2004 10:42

Programming Question
Hi, What graphical toolkit do you use when programming C++ or Fortran under Linux or Unix?

Do you use the compiler straight away like g++ or cc with editor such as emacs etc.?

Thats what I have been doing.

Is there any GUI based software like MS VC++ available for Linux/UNIX and have you used it?

JoHn@ June 13, 2004 17:19

Re: Programming Question
ive seen the k-developer on linux.

jdc June 14, 2004 06:54

Re: Programming Question
Hi Leo,

I believe there are several graphical packages available on linux (and windows using CygWin).

- Qt library - Fox toolkit

For coding the visualisation parts, you could have a look to Visual ToolKit

To my mind, the choice should be made according to portability, ease of use and maintenance of the library.

Have fun, Julien

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