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ma June 14, 2004 13:02

Who is Who in CFD? - A suggestion.
The CFD-Online has now become a very popular CFD website.

Since it is hard or not possible to answer "who is the greatest scientist in CFD?", then how about someone (webmasters/experts/funs) establish a "Who is Who in CFD" knowledge base? It will be very useful for CFDers.

- Ma

The following is copied from But we need to be more extensive.

Who is Who in CFD Field (Not in any particular order...Far from complete) John D. Anderson Jr. Dale A. Anderson Culbert B. Laney Clive A. Fletcher Klaus A. Hoffmann Randall J. LeVeque John C. Tannehill Richard H. Pletcher Eulerio F. Toro Parviz Moin John Kim Jay P. Boris David A. Caughey Phillip Colella Herman Deconinck Mohamed M. Hafez Joel H. Ferziger Roger Peyret Peter Bradshaw William C. Reynolds Peter D. Lax Thomas H. Pulliam Philip L. Roe Manuel D. Salas Chi-Wang Shu Wei Shyy Andrea Prosperetti P. K. Sweby Joe F. Thompson Bram van Leer Paul R. Woodward Stanley J. Osher Bjorn Engquist Antony Jameson Eli Turkel Bruce A. Finlayson L. E. Scriven John C. Strikwerda Suhas V. Patankar Steven A. Orszag Stanley G. Rubin Prem K. Khosla Shaaban A. Abdallah D. Brian Spalding A. J. Baker Constantine Pozrikidis Gr¨¦tar Tryggvason Nagi N. Mansour George D. Raithby G. E. Schneider Kirti N. Ghia Urmila Ghia Thomas J. R. Hughes Graham de Vahl Davis W. G. Habashi M. Yousuff Hussaini Roland Glowinski Sergei K. Godunov Sanjiva K. Lele Eitan Tadmor Mark Sussman Peter Smereka James Glimm Burton Wendroff St¨¦phane Zaleski Andrew J. Majda Olivier Pironneau Max Gunzburger Tim Barth Murray Rudman Harland Glaz Phillipe G. LeFloch John B. Bell Dimitri J. Mavriplis Hong-Kai Zhao Milovan Peric Patrick J. Roache Ch. Hirsch Philip M. Gresho Robert L. Sani Arthur Rizzi Henri Viviand Alexandre Chorin Elbridge G. Puckett Roger Temam Francis H. Harlow Jerry Brackbill Sukumar R. Chakravarthy A. A. Amsden Doug Kothe Charles Zemach John Dukowicz Jacob Fromm Dochan Kwak C. W. Hirt B. D. Nichols B. J. Daly A. D. Gosman T. J. Chung R. I. Issa T. D. Taylor Turgut Sarpkaya Ruben Scardovelli R. W. MacCormack Charles S. Peskin

Praveen June 14, 2004 13:52

Re: Who is Who in CFD? - A suggestion.
There is already such a list

ma June 16, 2004 16:41

Re: Who is Who in CFD? - A suggestion.
Thanks for the info.

But it seems not comprehensive and detailed. Maybe someone/organization is preparing such a book.

- Ma

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