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indd June 17, 2004 12:20

deformable or moving boundaries
Searching for information or papers about internal incompressible flows with deformable or moving boundaries, specially numerical schemes used for this kind of problems.

Big Thanx

xueying June 17, 2004 17:04

Re: deformable or moving boundaries
(1)A moving boundary conference proceedings: Moving boundaries VII: Computational Modeling of free and moving boundary problems. 2003, WIT Press.

(2) Scriven's group in University of Mennisota has been working on it for many years, Christodoulou et al have a review on advances in computational methods for free surface flows in the book: Liquid Film Coating, 1997, 297-366.

cjtune June 19, 2004 03:57

Re: deformable or moving boundaries
Check out the book: "Computational Fluid Dynamics with Moving Boundaries" by Wei Shyy et al. Imprint: Taylor & Francis 1996. Covers both moving and fixed grid techniques (with emphasis on the latter) for two-phase flows.

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