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engahmed June 13, 2010 15:34

pressure inlet & outlet. help ASAP Plz
Hi, I am modelling convective heat transfer from a hot horizontal pipe in an enclosure. It is a 2D symmetric simulation. So I am setting 2 of the enclsure sides as pressure inlet boundary condition and the top one as a pressure outlet boundary condition. As per fluent pressure has to be equal at the inlets and outlet so bouyancy would not be induced by pressure difference. I am confused on what numbers to put for pressure at the inlets and the outlet. The operating pressure is 101325(default) .
In pressure inlet, pressure is entered as "gauge total pressure" while at the outlet it is entered as "gauge pressure" ,so what values of pressure I would enter for each one so the pressure woull be equal??
please help me ASAP if you can.
Thanx in advance.

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