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autofly June 22, 2004 13:11

entropy fix
the entropy fix is necesary for Roe-fds in supersonic flow.Harten' YEE'S formula is popular and used widely. but every author do some modification to it. such as the turn-on factor epslon. lamda1= U,lamda2=U-C lamda3=U+C, lamda1,which is modified with a smallest epslon only in stagment region.on contrast, lamda2,lamda3 is modified with epslon = eps*max(abs(lamda3),abs(lamsa2)). now i meet some other methods to define the epslon, such LAURA code's method.I want to get some information about the method which is used in CFL3DV6, because i get some information about it's entropy fix result in cfl3d web i want to get the detailed method of cfl3dv6, because of its easyness

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