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Jody June 23, 2004 12:06

Which CFD package
I am a recent masters degree college graduate with a concentration in fluid dynamics. Currently, I working at a firm that does not have anyone with experience solving fluid dynamics problems or using CFD software. We have a problem involving large water tanks placed on the back of trucks with baffeles -- about 1000 gal.

My questions are:

Will the baffles create enough turbulence to affect a CFD solution ? I think they do, but one software package we are lookning at does not have turbulence modeling capabilities but the advantage is we own the package already.

Has anyone worked with DYTRAN to solve CFD problems-- hopefully sloshing with baffles ? How accurate of a solution will DYTRAN come up with as compared to stard CD, Fluent, etc.

Thank you


Ed June 24, 2004 21:06

Re: Which CFD package
What are you trying to determine? Are you trying to determine the effect of the baffles on the sloshing, find the loading on the baffles, some combination, or something else? If you really want to model a free surface sloshing flow, you should consider Flow-3D.


Jim_Park June 24, 2004 21:56

Re: Which CFD package
I would agree. Take a look at There are animations of dynamic flows to study. Used to be you could lease the software by the month.

Flow3d was developed following a NASA contract to LANL to simulate sloshing in a tumbling fuel tank in space.

BTW, I have no connection with Flow Science, publisher of Flow-3d;

Bart Prast June 25, 2004 06:47

Re: Which CFD package
If your company does not have any experienced personel in CFD and you want to solve a single problem please consider outsourcing this. The cost of a learning curve and license/hardware should be smaller than the fee you pay to a small CFD consultant with his own hardware/license. He probably can help you with his own experience.

Steve June 25, 2004 09:05

Re: Which CFD package
Can anyone imagine the US army outsourcing this kind of work? The lucky "CFD consultant" had better be ready for the rubber glove treatment.

Bart Prast June 25, 2004 09:49

Re: Which CFD package
"Currently, I working at a firm that does not have anyone with experience solving fluid dynamics problems or using CFD software"

This is better alternative?

Serguei July 21, 2004 17:57

Re: Which CFD package
FlowVison: mutiphase model or free surface (VOF) model

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