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arehman June 24, 2004 15:41

dynamic meshing option
HI, I am intrested to simulate a dynamic stall on naca 0015 using fluent 6.1.(dynamic meshing option).Is there someone who already has used this option ( DYNAMIC MESHING OPTION).IF so please guide me to make a mesh(since it has few particular requiremnts for moving portion ).Anything would be great.Thanks in advance

CFDtoy June 25, 2004 17:45

Re: dynamic meshing option
For using the dynamic grids, make sure ur grid is fine enuf and the minimum volume of the grid should go on par with ur declaration in the dynamic mesh option.

Choose remeshing and follow Fluent instructions to initialize smoothing procedures.

Thinks should be ok !

And after all these, make sure ur time step is corresponding smaller than ur air foil motion !



arehman June 26, 2004 03:59

Re: dynamic meshing option
hi, thanks for ur reply.Do i need to make a stationary or moving faces separately then interface them using non -conformable interface option. have u used this option ( dynamic mesh ) using fluent 6.1 becasuse i am facing problem in making mesh. thanks

CFDtoy June 26, 2004 13:50

Re: dynamic meshing option

I have used Dynamic Meshes in 3D and its more complicated in any 2D case since the time step has to be more than accurate.

I reckon you are working on a 2D case ( face moving ), jus make the face moving and you can read abt the non comformable interface in the Fluent manual ..if it is required for your case.

Jus make a moving face and run the code to see the grid motion.



arehman June 27, 2004 02:55

Re: dynamic meshing option
hi, thanks for your i need to make the moveable(around the airfoil) and stationary faces ( inlet and outlet) and then hook them by using non -conformable option. or to make just one face ( entire domain including the airfoil). thanks for taking your time .

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