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cristian.ocnarescu June 21, 2010 10:19

Salome and Code Saturne simulation of simple room and objects

I am a beginner in the field, but would like to do a simulation in Code Saturne as an assignment for an university course.

The simulation consists of a room with some boxes in it, an inlet and an outlet. I have to simulate the air flow from the inlet to the outlet.

I want to use Salome to design the room and the objects and Saturne to run the simulation.

I have some problems on which i was not able to google my way out of.
The way i managed to make the simulation work was when i defined in Salome an entire wall of the room as the inlet, and another wall as an outlet in Salome. However, i would like to define one of the faces on a box as inlet for the air in the room, and another face, on another box, as an outlet.

Also, it worked when I made cuts from the geometry of the room, for every box inside, then define one of the faces I obtained as an inlet and another one as an outlet.
This, however, does not feet my needs. As I am trying to do all this in an automatically-generated python Salome script, it is difficult for me to access the faces after the cut.

Was thinking of specifying the room inlet as a box with an outlet face, as the box would "pump" air into the room, vice versa for the outlet.
I don't know how to generate the Salome mesh in this case, though.
Is such a thing possible? Will Saturne be able to identify that the box actually is inside the room and "pump" the air into the room?

Any ideas are welcomed.

Thank you very much,

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