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CFDtoy June 28, 2004 14:45

Navier Stokes - Runge Kutta

I come across papers saying the navier stokes equations are solved using III order or IV order Runge Kutta Time Integration methods. Does anyone have the complete details on how NS eqns are integrated using RK schemes ?



Junseok Kim June 28, 2004 19:08

Re: Navier Stokes - Runge Kutta
Runge Kutta is explicit method, so if you write NS Eqs. in the explicity scheme, and use RK method.


Rami June 29, 2004 02:00

Re: Navier Stokes - Runge Kutta
You may find it in J. H. Ferzigerand M. Peric, Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics.

jvn July 7, 2004 14:13

Re: Navier Stokes - Runge Kutta
Google "Antony Jameson" and go to his homepage at Princeton. There you can find his AIAA paper, "Numerical Solution of the Euler Equations by Finite Volume Methods Using Runge-Kutta Time-Stepping Schemes". Substitute the proper flux vectors and that should do it.

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