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I.Dotsikas April 30, 1999 16:50

cylindrical koordinates
has anyone solved the NS-Equations in cylindrical Koordinates using Finite Volumes? I am proceeding in this topic but i would like to find some papers of other people having already done it. Itīs a great help if you know what you are looking for. Thankīs in advance. I. Dotsikas

John C. Chien May 3, 1999 11:01

Re: cylindrical koordinates
(1). There are many technical journals available: a). AIAA Journal, b).ASME-Journal of Fluid Engineering, c). ASME-Journal of Turbomachinery, d). Journal of Computational Physics, e). International Journal of Heat and Mass transfer,etc.... (2). I normally just go to the library and look through volumes of Journals to find the paper I need. This is easier because you can decide whether the paper matches your need or not. Once you have located one paper, you can find other related papers in the references. (3). The first step of any research project is " literature search and review ". You need to know where the information is located first.

Tareq Al-shaalan May 4, 1999 00:26

Re: cylindrical koordinates
Now, I am using Finit Volumeto solve NS equations in Cylindrical coordinate. do you have any quesion.

mahesh prakash May 4, 1999 04:15

Re: cylindrical koordinates
Hi, Are you looking for the coding used for cylindrical co-ordinates or papers which will give you good validations for your problem? If you are looking for the former, you can search the numerous freely available codes on the internet like TEACH, whereas if you are looking for the former Chien's suggestion is apt. Regards

Duane Baker May 4, 1999 20:44

Re: cylindrical koordinates

I have never actually seen TEACH on the intnet! I have seen a variation called TEAM and the book on TEACH-C!

Where could I find TEACH??


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