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maddalena June 30, 2010 03:55

Mesh suggestions for a conjugate heat transfer problem
Hello everybody,
I am going to simulate a conduction + convection problem in a multi region case, thus including solid regions and fluid regions. Before starting, I am gathering together some information on how to create a proper mesh.
First of all, what kind of mesh is usually suggested for these kind of problem? Tetra, hexa?
In addition, is there any general rule for the mesh definition on the solid part? As for the fluid region, the usual y+ rules apply. But what about the solid part? Maybe something that connects the mesh size with the diffusivity of the material?
Thanks for any suggestions.


aujamal20 January 25, 2013 18:39

fluid region mesh

Though its an old post but I am interested to know how the things work for you in regards of mesh. Right I am also simulating a transient heat transfer problem in which heat is transferred from a hot fluid to solid wall and then from solid wall to another solid region of insulation. I am keen to know that how the mesh influences the solution of hEqn for fluid region. :confused:


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