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Pogas July 3, 2004 12:31

CFD Research - Turbulence
I am new to this forum

I have a BSc in Mechanical Engineering(Thermo Fluids option) and graduated in 1997. I recently acquired a masters in Computing(Distributed Systems).

I will love to do a CFD research part time possibly on CFD applications on Aerospace Engineering -Specifically on Turbulence.Its been a long time since graduating from engineering and am a bit rusty on my thermo fluids.Any pointers really will help and also your thoughts will be appreciated on any current research trends in the area of Turbulence to give me an idea of a research theme will extremely be appreciated.

Love you all


Leo July 4, 2004 01:03

Re: CFD Research - Turbulence
Start with your old text books.

Mikael Ersson July 4, 2004 21:35

Re: CFD Research - Turbulence

Look under recources on this site. They have a number of up-to-date articles listed.


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